Carpeting is an integral and valuable part of our homes & businesses.

Carpeting is soft and comfortable and there is nothing quite like carpeting for a soft place to play, sit, and work.  The plush, smooth surface  brings coziness to a home.

You’ll feel the warmth with each step…regardless if its a residential, commercial, or hard surface application.

Its beautiful, stunning design can add an incredible accent to any room.  Whether you choose a striking color, pattern, or texture, carpeting can finish off any room with elegance and style. The compliment it gives to any of your rooms in your home can accentuate your inner creativity and expression.

There are unlimited colors that are an important aspect of a design.  Your options are limitless to create the look that is uniquely you.

It will soften slips and falls regardless of age from the young to the elderly. There are great benefits to having  a slip-resistant carpet in your home or office. They will minimize slips and cushioning the fall if they do occur.

It reduces ambient noise and serves as a tremendous noise reduction system. Quiet and peaceful to make you feel comfortable and durable.   Today’s carpets are truly a durable and sound investment for even the busiest of applications.

It is an incredible value where you can get all the great benefits at a price that can meet any budget. Charles Pappas Remodeling deals with Shaw Floors in creating your every carpeting need. We here at Charles Pappas Remodeling want to work with you and Shaw Floors to get you the best, most affordable price possible and make your home look elegant and comfortable.


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