Charles Pappas Remodeling is a factory direct distributor of  ProVia Entry Doors. All ProVia exterior doors, including our Signet Fiberglass doors, Heritage Fiberglass exterior doors and Legacy Steel doors  and Sunrise Sliding Doors are professionally crafted and customized to your needs and style. Why choose ready-made doors when you can choose well made? Well made doors are more sturdy and will protect and last longer than any other ready made door.  Want to learn more about what makes ProVia Entry Doors and Sunrise Sliding Doors the best replacement entry and patio doors for your home? For a free, no-obligation estimate call our toll-free number 1-800-232-6602 and someone will help you get an estimate.


The choices are infinite when it comes to finding the right door to create a great space. Our products help you enhance your home with the design you want and the low-maintenance durability you need. Visit our showroom in Burgettstown, Pa.   You will see examples and have a relaxed, thorough conversation about your door installation with our experts.

One of our strengths is that we can put our complete focus on listening to what you want.   We use our experience to recommend the very best solutions.

While we do have a wide selection of products and manufacturers to choose from, one thing we don’t offer is mediocre or inferior doors.  Because of the quality of homes in this area, it is very important to choose doors of premium quality from proven manufacturers.

We don’t believe in competing on price alone, because this often puts downward pressure on the quality of the products installed.

Our team here at Charles Pappas Remodeling  experience in the home improvement industry.  We have built a company culture that insists on getting the details right – you’ll never find us rushing to get to another job.





Entry doors are an important purchase for homeowners. Doors are the first impression of your home for your guests and visitors alike, and also show your personal style. In addition to their aesthetic role, entry doors act as a barrier between your home and the outside world.   They need to be strong and secure. Thankfully, homeowners who are in search of entry doors can simply turn to the experts at Charles Pappas Remodeling. We are a family-owned company that is committed to improving our community one home at a time. We offer a selection of products and services to improve the interior and exterior of your home.

Charles Pappas Remodeling representatives assist prospective clients in the complete design process while working within the clients budget.  Charles Pappas Remodeling offers this service at no charge or obligation.  We here at Charles Pappas Remodeling can also arrange low monthly payment financing through a variety of lending institutions.

Prospective and inquisitive clients can either visit the Charles Pappas Remodeling Company showroom in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania or schedule a free, on-site estimate by calling toll-free at 1-800-232-6602 or go to www.cpappas.com online.




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