Hardwood Floors by Charles Pappas Remodeling options for your home depends ultimately on what you like the most.  We here at Charles Pappas Remodeling deal with only the best, like Bruce Hardwood Flooring.   It can be difficult to determine what you do like, so Charles Pappas Remodeling helps you choose the options available to you.  These tips will help you to simplify it for you to help choose the hardwood flooring that most fits your needs.

The 3 most important factors in considering cost are: Grade, Width, and Finish.  Your prices may vary due to the type of hardwood you wish to install in your home.  The size and the type of finish you would like to add will also depend on the price.  Whatever the decision, hardwood floors are always an elegant touch to your homes appearance.

Hardwood floors are an elegant and classic choice.  They’ve been a traditional flooring option for many centuries.  We here at Charles Pappas Remodeling give you practical and decorative choices, of hardwood flooring that gives you a sense of permanence to the interior of your home. The options include finish, surface, stain, and type of wood make hardwood a very attractive choice.  Some of your different types of wood are Red and White Oak, Maple and Brazilian Cherry.

Hardwood floors add a richness to any home. Beyond the just the practical side of durability, structural stability and the added value wood brings, nothing compares with the elegance, and beauty of natural hardwood floors.   Hardwood floors enhance the look of your rooms while increasing the value of your home.

We are experts in hardwood flooring installation and finishing. Our well-trained and experienced craftsmen are equipped to do the job right. Our professional sales team has the knowledge it takes to help you design your floor to help you achieve the look you’re after. Schedule an appointment today!

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